FAQ - Project work

The best motivation for employees are interesting and challenging project tasks. For you as a candidate and our potential employee, we are looking for such kind of challenges from the very beginning. We are looking for interesting tasks that match your expertise and give you opportunities for further professional development.

Below you can find some questions that we hear quite often while interviewing the candidates:

We usually make an adjustment not to dependent the employment on the project. Both you and we have to be convinced that we work well together. Of course we can offer various opportunities for development and possibility to take part in many challenging projects. We have deep market knowledge and we know our customers’ needs therefore what kinds of employees are needed.  If we don’t have any project on the day of employment you don’t have to be worry because we will engage you in the project in a while!

Yes, before the project starts you will take part in the meeting with the customer. During the meeting both sides can determine how the project can be carried out in details and check if the needs and skills are matched.

A project normally takes place at the customer site. This means that all work will be performed there. This is also important because the customer usually has to work with sensitive data. Before the project starts you take part in the training where you can meet your future co-workers. If you have any questions on technical issues you can always ask the team members or the project manager. You will be fully integrated with the team, therefore the local contact person is the one who gives expert instructions and distributes the tasks.

Most of our customers are located in Franconia area (Bavaria). We are trying ourbest to facilitate the relocation process to Germany for our employees. If you currently live outside Germany we will offer you the assistance in finding accommodation, as well as 300 euros addition that will be paid monthly during the first three months of employment.

Some projects take place in other region than Bavaria. In that case we pay for all the costs related with the travel and renting an apartment. Of course before the project starts we discuss if you are interested in that kind of project.

Most of our projects are long term. The projects usually last from 6 months to 2 years or even longer. Possibilities of taking part in the shorter projects we always discuss with our employees.

It happens that project ends and there is no follow-up project. This is the best time for professional development - taking part in different trainings and implementation of in-house projects.

You contact for all personnel issues, such as holidays, sick leave, contractual issues, etc. is of course the CLEAR GROUP. We are there for you at any time and you can reach us by phone or visiting one of our offices. For all of the technical issues related with the project you should contact the project manager that works on the client site.

Our standard working hours are 8.00 - 18.00. During this time you can reach us on any matter. We can also arrange a personal meeting with you.

Periodically we organize staff meetings and various networking activities to improve communication and integration with other employees.